Whiten your teeth with activated charcoal?!?

Almost everyone these days feels the pressure from society to have straight, white teeth. Getting your teeth straight is costly, and takes a long time. Though I’m not easily swayed by the latest fads of society, I do also prefer straight, white teeth. Since I’m not sitting on enough cash for me to get braces, that is something that will have to wait….maybe one day. For now, I’ll just deal with the plucking chickens from between my tight ‘nonwhite’ teeth!

Well, according to some research I did recently, white teeth may be something I can handle. I once met someone who had really white teeth and I found it to be attractive. But I’ve also been told that everyone has a natural tint to their teeth. So, really white teeth for most of us is unnatural. If you’re like me, daily consumption of coffee and tea can make your natural tint look more like a ‘dingy’ tint. I’m not looking for gleaming white, but I don’t like dingy either.

Because I lean toward holistic in just about everything relating to health and wellness, dentistry is no exception. I am 40 years old, and the only filling in my mouth was from about 20 years ago. I was told by the dentist that I had a cavity inside my tooth, and it needed to be drilled and filled. I had no pain, but I trusted him. So, he drilled and filled it. Looking back, I think I was a bit naive. If I had the chance to go back and change that decision, I would. Nevertheless, dentists do offer teeth whitening treatments. Many people claim to have excellent results from the treatments. Being the skeptic that I am, I’d rather try something at home first.

I have tried store bought teeth whitening products. I don’t recall the name of the product, but upon removing the mouth tray, I actually had a piece of the front of my central incisor tooth chip off. Fortunately, my teeth did repair as you can see below in the pic of my teeth. 

So, who hasn’t seen or heard about the activated charcoal whitening method? If you haven’t, well, I must say it’s quite amusing! What a contradiction to use black, activated charcoal to whiten teeth! But I think it’s working! Well, I’ve only been using it about two weeks now, every other day or so. From what I read, it takes several brushings to gradually remove all the stains. 

Before pic

Swish or scrub??? Well, I scrub. BUT activated charcoal is abrasive, so I don’t think I’ll continue to scrub when I get to the ideal tint, so as to preserve my enamel as much as possible. Once I achieve the desired tint, I will make this a monthly ordeal. Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body, but it can leach vitamins and minerals from your body. So, be mindful of that when using activated charcoal, especially if you are using it frequently.  

Another thing I learned, should you decide to try this, is that activated charcoal is messy! So, take the necessary precautions to protect your clothes and furniture. I bought the powder form, but you can purchase activated charcoal in the pill form as well. I highly recommend wetting it just a tad before placing it in your mouth. Otherwise, it might end up in your lungs! 

I’m sorry it’s blurry, but you get the picture!

I have been really impressed with the activated charcoal. I LOVE how it gives me this ‘fresh from the dentist’ clean feeling on my teeth. Time will tell if it actually whitens my teeth, but it definitely does something because they feel so much cleaner after brushing. I’ll update this post in a few months to let you know my results. 

Ok, the following statement is for the morons. I have to protect myself from lawsuits, so here is my disclaimer: Consult your dentist before attempting the teeth whitening treatment suggested above. DO NOT use any other form of charcoal, except activated charcoal. DO NOT take my word for it, I do not claim to be an expert and I am not a dentist or anything of the sort. Do your own research first before attempting this or any teeth whitening treatment. 

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