I’m building wealth, day by day, And I don’t want you to say. When that day comes, that I didn’t earn it, You’ll say that anyway. I’m building wealth, for all the things, That money cannot buy. But I will save it anyway, That’s less I’ll have to cry. I’mRead More →

Life is odd, Or so I say. The way it changes, Day by day. The best years had, Are in our youth. We are resilient, And bullet proof. As time marches on, Reminders kick in. That life is short, And death will win. Middle age is the wedge, Parting theRead More →

I never wanted to be prim and proper, Like those of royalty. Looking down upon the hurting folks, Living a life in poverty. I never wanted to be a hero, Like a soldier in a war. Fighting for a country’s leaders, That are always wanting more. I never wanted toRead More →

We had heard it for years, So often, it had brought us to tears. Your child is so bad, One teacher quoted, “most disrespectful” she’d had. Expulsion, we heard, at least once a year, We helped all we could, out of frustration and fear. But how can that be? He’sRead More →