Social Media Shmedia! I’m done!

Well, as a webmaster, I know that links are important for establishing a presence on the internet. But are they really that effective? I have given it my best shot this year, running 13 sites, and recently the 14th site, and connecting to all the popular social media platforms. Well, a year later, I’m not convinced. In the last few months, I gave up posting to the social media sites, and just have them as a link back to the site. And now I’m just tired of all the excess spam. I’m just…tired of it all. Algorithms…barf!!!

Anyone who knows me, gives me the award for most Facebook accounts opened and closed in a lifetime. Hey, I told you I was crazy. You do what you want with that information. But each time I opened and closed an account, I learned a little bit more about algorithms and just how we are being studied. I have a love hate relationship with Marketing. I’m fascinated by it, yet it saddens me to see just how easily our ‘intelligent species’ can be manipulated! I don’t exclude myself. Marketing is everywhere, and it is a technology that has advanced to mind blowing proportions. I’m continually captivated by new marketing techniques.

Anywho, I digress. I can’t begin to tell you how sad I was to shut down my Instagram account. Everyone has their favorites. I guess I prefer to communicate to the world in pictures. I see beauty everywhere. The rest of the accounts: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook….well, I can’t say I’ll miss those. I still have Facebook for a few groups I’m running that are doing really well (more of that marketing stuff). I kept the google+ page and I’m planning to do a lot more very soon on my Youtube channel, but purged everything else ‘social media’ related. And that’s it. I don’t see a need for sharing my blog posts to ALL the most popular social media sites. I mean, I’m paying for this website deal. And if you’re too busy to leave Facebook, well then, do your thing. I’m doing mine, and I say social media sites are, dare I say, DISTRACTING! 

That’s my spill for the day. More coming soon. Go be awesome people!!!

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