Sad Cash

I’m building wealth, day by day,
And I don’t want you to say.
When that day comes, that I didn’t earn it,
You’ll say that anyway.

I’m building wealth, for all the things,
That money cannot buy.
But I will save it anyway,
That’s less I’ll have to cry.

I’m building wealth, but you’ll not remember,
All the times I told me ‘no’,
Blind you’ll be to the sacrifice,
You’ll only see the dough.

I’m building wealth. It’s hard, you see,
Refusing what I like.
But in these years I celebrate,
When I told debt to take a hike!

I’m building wealth, so I can have,
True freedom inside out.
Financial peace brings happiness,
That’s what life’s all about.

I’m building wealth, and you know,
You too, can share this dream.
But impulse must be put to rest,
It’s as hard as it might seem.

Save the cash, sell the stuff,
Simple is the way.
Patient and persistent goals,
Wealth is the price you’ll pay.

By Redbud Patriot

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