Our vision is one of our most precious gifts, allowing us to explore our iridescent world to create colorful memories we come to cherish. Photography is a diverse profession and each photograph is a reflection of a photographer’s perspective. It is a compelling form of nonverbal communication. All photos above, below, and in each portfolio are of my own creation. Please inquire about photography services or about purchasing my photographs. Click on the category title in blue to browse my portfolio for each category.  

Abstract (Conceptual) Photography is a creative way to capture your environment. But instead of focusing on a subject per se, you focus on things like colors, textures, lighting, and shapes without revealing the whole subject. 



Action and Motion Blur Photography can be pretty challenging. Timing is everything and you better be ready! Action photographs create excitement and intensity. I’m not really into sports, but action photography doesn’t always have to be a sport. I actually enjoy Motion Blur, especially waterfalls!



Astrophotography is photography focused on objects, events, and areas in space. These photographs are usually taken by utilizing a telescope, but not always. I don’t have a telescope. So what I have captured, I used a DSLR.




Architecture Photography is capturing photographs of interesting man-made structures and buildings. But why would anyone want to take a picture of a building? Well, sometimes buildings and structures can say a lot about a time period in history, the quality of craftsmanship of an era, odd angles and features of construction that seem to defy gravity, or simply that the building or structure has withstood the test of timsde. In any case, sometimes it conjures a deep admiration for the efforts of fellow man.

Black & White (Monochrome) and Silhouette Photography is probably one of my favorite fields. Most of us would rather watch a movie in color. So why would anyone want to see a photo in black and white? When you remove color from a photograph, the lighting and shadows, as well as shapes, become more prominent. It doesn’t work for every photograph, so when to choose monochrome for an image is truly an art in itself. Silhouette is just fascinating! I love the contrast in this field as well.


Candid Photography can be a lot of fun, but not everyone wants to be the subject of interest. I am a people watcher, so naturally, I enjoy capturing the moment that speaks without words.




Cityscape Photography is not my favorite, as I’m not font of oceans of concrete. But when you stand next to a skyscraper, you can’t help but be in awe at the capabilities of man. Cityscape photography is essentially a man-made landscape.



Commercial Photography is a fascinating field. I love marketing, so it is interesting to see what marketers use to persuade customers to hand over the almighty dollar. Commercial photography is all around us in billboards, newspapers, magazines, brochures…you name it! This field is highly competitive, so a good eye and creativity are a must!


Event Photography is similar to Candid Photography and is most often utilized to capture memorial events or occasions. The events can be private, such as a wedding, or public, such as a festival. I enjoy event photography because it offers the element of surprise in that you never know what you’re going to capture.



Family and Portrait Photography is exactly what it sounds like, capturing heart warming moments and expressions with those you love the most. I’m not the best at Family or Portrait Photography, probably because I lack the skill set in lighting. 






Food Photography has recently become one of my most pursued interests. I guess I just jumped on board with what everyone else was doing. I started posting what I ate. But in doing so, I wasn’t satisfied with just a quick snap of my plate. I noticed that the angle and distance the food was presented was critical in conveying its appeal, texture, and flavor. 


Golden Hour (Sunset and Sunrise) Photography is, of course, a favorite of most people. Why are we so consumed by this moment? Sunsets are especially popular, as they most often relate to a romantic theme.



Landscape, Skyscape, and Seascape Photography is by far my favorite way to connect with Mother Nature. Capturing a vast landscape, skyscape, or seascape, so you feel like you’re standing right there in the moment – priceless! I also enjoy panoramic images!




Macro Photography is capturing the small things in life that most of us don’t take a second look at. I thoroughly enjoy Macro Photography. This is probably my largest collection of photos.




Nature (Wildlife and Botanical) Photography is also one of my favorites. I love animals and nature. Capturing animals in their natural environment is a gentle reminder that we share this planet with many species. Seeing an animal at peace in their environment is soothing to the soul.



Pet Photography is a fairly new venture for me. I have done some in the past, but when DSLR emerged, my world changed forever. Puppies have to be the most difficult subject on the planet! Not anymore 😉 I have always had some sort of pet companion. Sadly, our pets most often do not have the same lifespan as a human. Photographs can be comforting when reflecting on the one’s that have crossed over.




Random Photography is when I just can’t fit it in any other category! This portfolio is filled with the things that catch my eye. This group of photos is entertaining for sure!

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