My Way

I never wanted to be prim and proper

Like those of royalty

Looking down upon the hurting folks

Living a life in poverty.

I never wanted to be a hero

Like a soldier in a war

Fighting for a country’s leaders

That are always wanting more.

I never wanted to be a star

That famous movie face

Worshiped like an immortal God

And followed place to place.

I never wanted to be a scholar

Indoctrination is not for me

I prefer to learn by life experience

Original creativity defines American liberty.

I never wanted to be the one

To say and do it all just right

No, I’m not perfect, but I have learned

Wisdom is knowing darkness, and appreciating light.

I never wanted to be a trophy girl

Skinny body, perfect skin

It tends to encourage sinful acts

I prefer the beauty found within.

I never wanted materialistic junk

I can’t take it when life ends

What’s worth more than all Earth’s gold

Pay it forward to family and friends.

I guess that makes me biased toward

Confines of the majority

But I see no need to change myself

To please an unjust society.

By Redbud Patriot

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