Meet Liberty – She’s the symbol of freedom, independence, & free will

Yesterday was an amazing day for my family and me. After months of searching and researching, we found our camper! We drove 2 hours and 50 minutes to the other side of Atlanta, Georgia, hoping it was not another wasted trip. When we got there, we were delighted to find the camper was everything we had hoped for. I was so glad it was not consumed with the smell of mold, like a few others we had viewed. That was really important to us, for obvious health reasons. Instead, the camper was clean, and appeared to be well-kept. It doesn’t have a slide out, but in the end, that was something we were willing to sacrifice. It still has plenty of room. Our camper is a 2003 Coleman Westlake.

After learning that most full-time RVers name their campers and rigs, we started thinking of the perfect name for it. On our way home, we tossed around a few names, but nothing seemed to fit quite right. Today, as we were cleaning her up, Ryan was waving around the little American Flag that was left behind by previous owners. Tim said, “That’s it! Liberty! Her name should be Liberty!” There was no debate, as we all knew that purchasing the camper was indeed, our gateway to liberty!

What does liberty mean to us? Back home in the lowcountry of South Carolina, Tim and I ran the HVAC business together for several years. Though we were very grateful for the abundance of work, we often found it very difficult to get away for very long. Occasionally, we were able to squeeze in a mini weekend vacation. We could never go far, but we usually headed for the very spot we now call home: the Appalachian Mountains.

Goals of re-establishing the HVAC business and building 3 tiny houses on our property, though they are definitely on the ‘to do’ list, have been put on hold for now. One reason is that the HVAC business is very demanding. Working on commercial HVAC and foodservice equipment as a small family business means making a commitment to your customers that you will be available 24/7, ready to help them when they call. It is a tremendous responsibility that we never took lightly.

We still want the homes and business, but the children are growing fast and we have had to reconsider our priorities! Since our separation, Tim and I have spent the last 6 years pondering our long term plans in life, all the while overlooking the here and now. While it is good to have long term goals, life has a way of reminding us that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Living life to its fullest is a delicate balance of enjoying precious moments while working toward long term goals. Sadly, we admit we have neglected to live in the moment for too long. We are guilty of all work and no play. Life is too short to live that way…especially when you have children! Two months ago, we decided that it is time to get out and start incorporating more fun in our work!

Though we love our home here in the Appalachian Mountains, we are eager to hit the open road for a while. No plans. No routine. Just the family making a lifetime of memories. We are counting down the days to departure. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure!

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