Happy Labor Day 2017!

The day is winding down. It’s late evening and we’re cooking deer burgers on the grill. We had no plans for the day. We had two jobs to go on for the business, and the guys went on that. So, I stayed at home with the kids. It was a cool morning, with lots of fog. The grass was drenched with dew. I set out to capture the sun rising above the mountains, and managed to capture a descent shot, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to photographing the sun.

I did, however, get a great shot of a spiderweb that draped from my clothes line. At least someone is getting some use out of it! I do enjoy taking pictures of spiderwebs. Funny, because I do not like spiders! Yikes! I’m also interested in water drops with macro, but my camera is just not equipped to handle subjects that small. That, or I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Probably the latter. 

My day was spent laboring in the fields. No, not farming. Butterfly chasing! I was jumping hurdles of briar bushes, swatting ants off my feet, dodging bumble bees, and being thoroughly stabbed by thistle….all for that perfect shot!

I’ve been quite obsessed with the pipevine swallowtail since I first noticed it in the field a few weeks ago. Photo after photo was tossed for one reason or another. I was determined to capture this magnificent specimen, so I had to keep trying! If it is one thing I have learned since taking up photography again, you cannot be greedy or impatient! When it comes to flowers and butterflies, I have had more challenges with wind than anything else. Well, I did get my pipevine swallowtail, and again, no keepers. But I will post them anyway because it does show how radiant these butterflies are…..and how I lost my patience by overlooking obvious obstructions grrr (Warning: ants were harmed in the making of these two photos!).


One day I will get my perfect shot! I really can’t complain, it wasn’t a completely unproductive day in my picture taking efforts. I did get a few interesting shots and I have a new favorite! I was privileged to capture the great spangled fritillary butterfly. How cool! If you look closely at the bottom of its wings, you might see something that resembles little hearts. That made my day! And yes, I am easily amused.


While in pursuit of the elusive pipevine swallowtail, I came across a tired old, battered Papilio glaucus, also known as the eastern tiger swallowtail. They are pretty common in the United States, but, I mean….it’s a butterfly!!! [Insert sound effects: Awwww!] I see so many breathtaking, perfectly flawless photos on the internet in my browsing. I admit, they are luring to the eye and that is my preference. But we all know, that life is full of imperfections. Our scars tell stories. I can’t help but admire and appreciate this little fella. Oh, to know what he has seen and done to inherit these frayed wings. One thing we know for sure, he is a survivor!

I stumbled upon some other interesting finds on one of my hikes up the driveway today. You know, we really do live in a fast paced world. It’s nice to take it slow sometimes. And sometimes, it’s nice to really take it slooow. The kids crack me up these days.  Since I bought the camera from my sister, I’ve been snapping photos anywhere and everywhere. Whatever catches my eye….and that’s a lot! So, when I go on walks now, I like to study everything in detail. Now the kids leave me behind instead of them trying to keep up with me!

I’m always scanning for something that is unique, something that doesn’t always stand out. Here are the ‘little things’ that caught my eye up the driveway.

That’s all I have for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed this ‘snapshot’ of my day. Just a nice, relaxing day here (minus the thorny thistles and ant assassination)! And I hope you had a wonderful, memorable, and safe Labor Day wherever you are! Thanks for stopping by! God bless



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