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Bino’s Beef N Veggie Soup

When the weather starts getting chilly, I start craving a big, warm bowl of soup! A few of my favorites are potato soup, corn chowder, and vegetable beef soup. Here’s my version of vegetable beef soup, I have dubbed ‘Bino’s beef n veggie soup’. It’s very simple to make, and cheap as well. I make […]

Home, sweet home!

  I overheard a conversion not long ago. Hey, if you talk loud enough that I can hear you, I’m probably going to listen!   So, the waitress was talking to a family from Miami that came to the mountains to evade hurricane Irma.  She was telling them,  as soon as she finishes school,  she’s […]

Water balance…am I doing it right?

Summer is almost here! Who can resist the urge to get out and soak up some sunshine after being cooped up all winter? Before you know it, we’ll be heavy on the perspiration across the nation! Just remember, perspiration can lead to dehydration. You’ve heard the saying, ‘listen to your gut’, right? Unfortunately, when it […]