Break the Vile and Walk a Mile

Break the Vile and Walk a Mile is a poem I wrote about my personal struggle with food addiction. I have been healthy most of my life, but I have been overweight as well. Each time I gained weight, it was due to a drastic change in my lifestyle: work, school, preganancy, illness. It has been a rollercoaster ride that has lasted a lifetime. Weight loss and a healthy body are achieved through diet and exercise, it is not as simple as it may seem. So many struggle with either or both. This is my perspective.

Who doesn’t like to eat? Pizza, burgers, or something sweet?   We all look forward to holidays, When overeating is the craze.   Restaurants on every block, So meal prep isn’t forced by the clock.   You can have it on the go, But there is something you might not know.   Just once you’ve heard of cravings, right? Something we fight with all our might.   So when did cravings rear their head? When once hunger was the reason we fed.   When technology got really fab, Corporations hit the lab.   Hey this concoction tastes like grape, Let’s go feed it to the ape.   Sugar, salt, and fat were subjects of the test. Foods that brought the most consumers were rated as the best.   A sprinkle of this vial, a dash of that, My goodness that’s a fat little rat!   Now marketers rave about their sales, While fat people cry about diet fails.   Doctor says, “Hey, just take this pill, And try a few miles on the treadmill.”   Meanwhile, you eat whatever you like, Raw fruits and veggies can take a hike!   Now the treadmill is a clothes rack, You’re sad, fat, and can’t get on track.   You hear fruits and vegetables will keep you strong, Carrots or pizza, hmmm, that didn’t take long.   Hunger is meant to nourish the body and soul, Cravings are something to fill and emotional hole.   Next time you reach for foods to eat, Ask yourself, “Is this hunger to nourish, or a craving to beat?”   by Redbud Patriot

Author: Redbud Patriot

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