Memory lane – Destin, FL

I’m sitting home today. I don’t want to go anywhere! That doesn’t happen often haha But I have a list of things to get done around the house. So instead, I’m archiving photos. I came across some photos from November 2016, when we had wildfires here in NC. The smoke was unbearable as it traveled […]

The Smell Of Rain

It’s raining again today. I’m not complaining. Rain makes everyone take things a bit slower. The animals hunker down. Flowers close or droop. Even humans, though we might not want to put it in a lower gear, tend to drive a bit more cautious (at least we hope), and are even tempted to take a […]

Fall Foliage 2017

Autumn is a spectacular time of year to visit the Appalachian Mountains. Of course, it gets colder sooner in the Northern Appalachian Mountains, but the Southern Appalachians are not far behind in color change due to an elevation of over 5,000 feet in some regions. Regardless of your location along the Appalachians, the fall foliage […]

Oh Smoky Mountain Rain

  Oh Smoky Mountain Rain The crown is worn by your timeless tears, To reveal a new terrain. Forever charging off the beaten path, Oh, Smoky Mountain rain.   Through the element of surprise, From a faulty weather vane, You never cease to stagger plans, Oh Smoky Mountain rain.   Waterfalls cascade with brute, As […]

My Way

I never wanted to be prim and proper Like those of royalty Looking down upon the hurting folks Living a life in poverty. I never wanted to be a hero Like a soldier in a war Fighting for a country’s leaders That are always wanting more. I never wanted to be a star That famous […]

Water balance…am I doing it right?

Summer is almost here! Who can resist the urge to get out and soak up some sunshine after being cooped up all winter? Before you know it, we’ll be heavy on the perspiration across the nation! Just remember, perspiration can lead to dehydration. You’ve heard the saying, ‘listen to your gut’, right? Unfortunately, when it […]

Life Is Odd

Life is odd, Or so I say. The way it changes, Day by day.   The best years had, Are in our youth. We are resilient, And bullet proof.   As time marches on, Reminders kick in. That life is short, And death will win.   Middle age is the wedge, Parting the past and […]

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