At the Dave Ramsey Show!

I have been following Dave Ramsey off and on for about 12 years now and he is definitely one of my favorite mentors. I have read Entreleadership twice, and it is one of my favorite books that I highly recommend to entrepreneurs! I’ve read Financial Peace Revisited, which Mr. Ramsey would be proud to know […]

The Entrepreneur

Love what you do, It’s part of God’s plan. It wasn’t his intent, To persecute man.   What are your hobbies? What makes you smile? There’s a market for that, If you’ll crawl the mile.   Look around at all people. What do you see? People who have and who don’t. People that will, people […]

Bino’s Beef N Veggie Soup

When the weather starts getting chilly, I start craving a big, warm bowl of soup! A few of my favorites are potato soup, corn chowder, and vegetable beef soup. Here’s my version of vegetable beef soup, I have dubbed ‘Bino’s beef n veggie soup’. It’s very simple to make, and cheap as well. I make […]

Home, sweet home!

  I overheard a conversion not long ago. Hey, if you talk loud enough that I can hear you, I’m probably going to listen!   So, the waitress was talking to a family from Miami that came to the mountains to evade hurricane Irma.  She was telling them,  as soon as she finishes school,  she’s […]

Salty Wounds

  Salty Wounds I offend you, do I? I thought I should be me. My words were never meant to hurt, I’m told my speech is free.   Tell me friend, what aggrieves you? The threat of contradiction? The darkness stirring in your soul, Is of your own conviction.   We coalesce as a species, […]

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