Bino’s Beef N Veggie Soup

When the weather starts getting chilly, I start craving a big, warm bowl of soup! A few of my favorites are potato soup, corn chowder, and vegetable beef soup. Here’s my version of vegetable beef soup, I have dubbed ‘Bino’s beef n veggie soup’. It’s very simple to make, and cheap as well. I make a big batch that feeds six or can be frozen for later. If you try it, let me know what you think! I apologize in advance for my horrible food photography skills. I’m working on it! 


1 pound ground beef or venison (frozen or thawed)

2 cartons of 48 oz chicken broth 

1 package of frozen mixed vegetables (32 oz bag)

1 package of frozen butter beans (16 oz bag)

3 stalks of chopped fresh celery

2 cans of diced tomatoes (14.5 oz can)

4 medium potatoes, medium chopped

1/3 onion, chopped or diced

Salt, pepper, and garlic to taste



Add 1.5 cartons of chicken broth to the pot. Add more as needed throughout cooking. Put all ingredients in the pot with the broth, except potatoes, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and cook for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. The longer it cooks, the better it is! Make sure liquid does not go below vegetables while it’s cooking. Approximately 30-40 minutes before serving, add potatoes. When potatoes are cooked through, the soup is ready to serve. Enjoy!


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