Saturday is a day of discovery for us. There are two things we love to do on Saturday, farmer’s markets and yard sales. It is exciting that you never know what you’re going to find. Well, today was definitely one of those days. Instead of the usual bargains, we cameRead More →

Potential lies beneath his feet, A delicate blend of moist and heat. Brutal are these rugged lands, As pain inflicts upon these hands. His vision will carry him through the fight, As he works the earth, dawn to night. Time stands still, or so it seems, His brow drenched fromRead More →

The crown is worn by your timeless tears, To reveal a new terrain. Forever charging off the beaten path, Oh, Smoky Mountain rain. Through the element of surprise, From a faulty weather vane, You never cease to stagger plans, Oh Smoky Mountain rain. Waterfalls cascade with brute, As you leaveRead More →

I’m sitting home today. I don’t want to go anywhere! That doesn’t happen often haha But I have a list of things to get done around the house. So instead, I’m archiving photos. I came across these from November 2016, when we had wildfires here in NC. The smoke wasRead More →

Life is odd, Or so I say. The way it changes, Day by day. The best years had, Are in our youth. We are resilient, And bullet proof. As time marches on, Reminders kick in. That life is short, And death will win. Middle age is the wedge, Parting theRead More →

I never wanted to be prim and proper, Like those of royalty. Looking down upon the hurting folks, Living a life in poverty. I never wanted to be a hero, Like a soldier in a war. Fighting for a country’s leaders, That are always wanting more. I never wanted toRead More →

I offend you, do I? I thought I should be me. My words were never meant to hurt, I’m told my speech is free. Tell me friend, what aggrieves you? The threat of contradiction? The darkness stirring in your soul, Is of your own conviction. We coalesce as a species,Read More →