My web hosting crisis….

My web hosting crisis….

My passion is marketing. Well, a year ago, I set out to launch my new business doing just that. It had been ten years since I sat at a computer to set up a website. I hosted with Godaddy oh so long ago. As I expected, much had changed over the course of a decade. I was ecstatic to discover that I hadn’t been ‘left behind’. I was quick to pick up on most of the changes, and much of it had essentially become, dare I say, easier in many ways.

I liked Godaddy then, never had any problems with them. But I like to try new things ocassionally. So, I set out to find another hosting provider. Ran my usual ‘who’s the best of the best’ search on google. Narrowed it down to 1&1 hosting. After a year of hosting 14 sites with them, I LOVED them. Not one problem comes to mind all year, then……

I was a few weeks away from my renewal. I started out with 9 domains parked at Godaddy, and purchased 5 with 1&1 over the last several months. I was so happy with 1&1, I transferred all my domains to them just before my renewal, so I would have everything in one spot.

So the time came for my renewal. With 14 sites, instead of just 2 I had 10 years ago, I didn’t want any $$ surprises. So I turned off autorenew. They had been fantastic about sending reminder and update emails. I mean, some 1&1 employee would fart, and I’d get an email about it.

I was a bit tied up the day the sites expired. The next day, WordPress, yes WP, says hey, you can’t get into your sites anymore. So, I’m like, ok, gotta log in and pay up. I go to login….nope. Nope. Nope.

I call 1&1, they say your account has a balance. I tell her I know, that’s why I’m calling. Then she tells me all, I mean ALL  of my sites have been deleted and are not recoverable. VOLCANIC ERUPTION!!!!

Ok, I’m smart, but sometimes….I’m stupid. I ASSUMED my stuff was being backed up on their servers. Well, you know what they say about assumptions, right?  grrr.

So, anywho, I lost everything. A whole year of information on 14 websites. Needless to say, I MOVED my domains back to Godaddy (that was after the 9 I just transferred were finally released from the ICANN transfer ban).

What a nightmare! Maybe I saved someone a headache by sharing this. Back your stuff up! I’m back to searching for web hosting. I have some big decisions to make first. I am weighing out reseller hosting vs multi site hosting, and wordpress vs drupal vs joomla. As soon as that dilemma resolves itself, I will be back to steady blogging. For now, I prefer to hide in the garden 😉



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