Finding Your Child Through Child Find


We had heard it for years,

So often, it had brought us to tears.

Your child is so bad,

One teacher quoted, “most disrespectful” she’d had.


Expulsion, we heard, at least once a year,

We helped all we could, out of frustration and fear.

But how can that be? He’s so very smart,

We must be missing something, some vital part.


The school says he needs to do what he’s told,

He’s expected to do it, he’s 13 years old.

Parents are pushed in a corner, feeling the shame,

Along comes our advocate, shifting the blame.


Reassuring, strengthening, there to console,

She tells us we all need to see him as a “whole”.

She says it’s time to evaluate, it’s been evident for years,

Emotional upheaval, again brings us to tears.


Three months since our consent, the school drags along,

But not these parents, we sing a different song.

Parents get him tested, “bad kid” has a new name,

Asperger’s Syndrome takes the fame.


What changes at school? Nothing at all,

This is why, through the cracks, children continue to fall.

What advice do I have for parents in this bind?

Find a parent advocate; find your child through “child find”.

By Redbud Patriot


Dedicated to Gayle Munn and Pro Parents of South Carolina. Thank you for all you have done for our future generations. Thank you for helping my family.

We are forever grateful.

Author: Redbud Patriot