cropped-21105801_226969521163728_1602550944473351112_nWelcome to Redbud Patriot! My name is Sam. I am the host of this site, and the source of all these opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and sometimes bizarre ideas. This site was established as a place for me to express my creativity, explore my thoughts, and connect with the world.
Brace yourself. I am a strong-willed, sometimes arrogant, hyper, loud, curious, opinionated, openminded, kindhearted southern gal. I am full of flaws. I am the queen of failure, and I wear my crown proudly. Sometimes I say the wrong things. Sometimes my opinions seem offensive, though they are never meant to be. Sometimes I curse….but I’m trying so hard not to!
There are two things I believe people must have in life to be truly happy: passion and purpose. I believe we all have a purpose, and when we find it, we should pursue it with passion. I try hard to appreciate the small things in life. I am grateful for every day I wake up. I love life! I love Mother Earth and beyond! I love people…even the mean ones! I love all animals…except spiders. I try hard to be a good person, though I do make it quite clear when I’m upset about something. No bottled up emotions here! I am just straight forward, and honest.
I am grateful you stopped by, and I hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to chime in here, or connect with me on the other social platforms posted above. I hope you have an awesome day wherever you are.